Do I Really Need New Windows?

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Do I Really Need New Windows?

When you look at a window, most people just see a window: some glass, a frame, maybe a lock, and that’s it.


In reality, there are dozens of little details in a window that are noticeable if you take the time to look for them. We’ll help you answer the question of whether you really need new windows based on the following factors:





Depending on your climate, the average window lasts around 15 years. If it’s been that long since your windows were installed, your windows are now outdated and doing more harm than good to your energy bills.


If you don’t know how old your windows are, some signs of an old window include:


  • Hazy glass or condensation on the inside of the pane


  • Drafts coming through a leak in the window


  • Chipped or warped framing





Take a look at your windows: if they’re made of aluminum, chances are they’re leftover from when the house was built. Contractors usually skimp on window material to focus their budgets on kitchens or bedrooms instead.


If you’ve ever held an aluminum can straight out of the fridge, you know how easily aluminum changes in temperature. As a window framing material, it behaves in the same way, letting outside temperatures affect your comfort in your home. A more efficient material like vinyl is much better at resisting changes in temperature.



Energy Efficiency


You may have gotten used to the massive energy bill that barely fits in your mailbox every month. But you don’t need to settle for the way things are. Vinyl windows have taken huge leaps in technology over the past fifteen years, and even mid-range window could end up saving you big on your monthly bills.


Energy efficient vinyl windows combined with argon gas fill and low-E coating could cut your energy bill drastically. A window with all the energy saving features can slash your payment by as much as 43%.


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