The 5 Costliest Mistakes in Window Buying

You’ve never had to think about windows a day in your life. All you know is that your current windows are drafty, old and fogged up.

We believe that window shopping should be simple, honest, and centered around answering your questions. We want to help you find your way to the best windows for your home. These are the five common booby traps to avoid when shopping for replacement windows.


1. Saving or spending too much upfront

Windows aren’t cheap, but if you skimp on every window upfront, you’ll end up paying for it over time because of their energy inefficiency. But if you live in a mild part of the country and splurge on the super-sophisticated windows the salesman is pushing, you’ll spend a boatload and never save enough energy to earn it back.


2. Ignoring the NFRC and Energy Star labels

If you know how to read it, the NFRC label is the key to finding the windows that meet your needs exactly. High-efficiency windows also carry the Energy Star label, which qualify as eco-friendly only in certain regions. Make sure your window is right for the Georgia climate to avoid paying too much or too little.


3. Falling for pushy sales tactics

Some window salesmen put themselves in charge of the buying process, and don’t give the customer a chance to ask their own questions. You should be able to ask for clarification on things you don’t understand. If your salesman is cutting you off at the pass, he’s probably trying to hide something.


4. Paying for wood when vinyl works just as well

Wooden windows can cost up to twice as much as vinyl. Add to that the repainting and maintenance that wood requires and you have a window that can cut deep into your pockets. Recent vinyl technology allows vinyl windows to meet or exceed the energy efficiency of a wooden window, with enough customizability to match the classic look of wood.


5. Poor installation

The fanciest window in the world, with krypton gas pockets, three glass panes and low-E coating will be as effective as paper if it’s installed badly. Ask your window company how they hired their installers, if they’re background checked, and if you can see examples of their past work before signing anything.

Avoiding these five mistakes will easily save you thousands of dollars, both now and over the next twenty years. Call us now at (470) 275-5159 or schedule your free estimate online. We make it our goal at The Window Source of Atlanta to find the exact right windows for you without breaking the bank.

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