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Our most popular window—a 6000 double hung, double pane vinyl window (including LowE Argon Energy Package) —costs right under $350 per window. We do offer more affordable options. Our 3000 series starts at $318 (including LowE energy package). Other popular options are exterior capping or new PVC brick molding which is not nessasary on every project but runs about $89 per window capped. In other words, an average replacement of ten double hung windows will cost $3500-$4500. Obviously, this number will go up or down depending on the number of windows, their size, their location, and how you want them to be customized.

Other window companies quote the same type of vinyl replacement windows at $500-$1000 per window. How do we manage to charge our customers less than others?

The truth is, almost every window dealer in the country gets their windows from the same few manufacturers. Since the average customer isn’t aware of this, they’re often taken advantage of by salespeople who tout the benefits of windows that are way more expensive than they should be, just to make an extra buck.

We’ve taken the opposite route. We prefer to treat customers fairly and openly, so we don’t mark our windows up like the the average window dealer will.

When you’re debating what features you’d like on your windows, here are the main variables to consider that will affect price:

Energy Savings

The efficiency of a window can be determined by its NFRC label. These labels will tell you all the factors related to a window’s efficiency. Generally, lower numbers are better. Higher-rated windows may be more expensive, but often you’ll recoup that cost later with lower energy bills.

custom shape replacement windowsStyle/Features

It’s not hard to imagine that the fancier and more complex the window, the more expensive it runs. However, the thing to keep in mind with style is that it can often be achieved at a lower cost than you expect. Want a classic wooden finish without the high cost of wood? Check out vinyl wood grain finishes instead—all the style at a fraction of the cost.


The resilience of your windows largely depends on what they’re made out of. There are three main materials: Aluminum, vinyl and wood.

Aluminum is the cheapest and also the most porous, meaning it lets air escape more easily. Vinyl has recently become the most popular choice for replacement windows, mostly because of its excellent ability to insulate as well as the many different looks you can achieve with it. Wood is the most expensive option, and can wear more quickly out in the elements, but achieves the most classic and refined look for window frames.


A standard plate glass window that doesn’t open is likely the cheapest option you can find. However, you may want to look at other functions of your window, like locking or opening mechanisms. If you want a crank opener on your window, it’s better to get one that’s easy to operate. The same goes for locks; you’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have to struggle with your windows every day.

9000 seriesThickness

Most windows are 1/16 inches thick. We at Window Source recommend a thickness of 1/8 of an inch. Thicker glass means a quieter, more energy efficient house, and it’s also much harder to break through a thick plated window.

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